Question About Antivirus Detection Rate

Hello. At the moment, I’m using Comodo’s firewall and Defence + along with Avast 5 free AV. I’ve tried the entire Comodo suite, and liked the way it performed on my computer, but went back to Avast free, because I’m not too sure about Comodo AV’s detection rate. I don’t see very many reviews, and it’s not listed in any of the AV test sites, such as AV Comparatives.

How good is the detection rate compared to Avast? Will my computer be just as safe using Comodo’s AV as it is using what I’m using now. I love Comodo’s firewall, just not sure about the AV.

No one has an answer about how good Comodo AV’s detection rate is, or how well it protects?

I can tell You, that it is hard to say what real detection rate is… I use Comodo AV for very long time, and I didn’t have any virus/malware problem(I checked my pc by other scanners like Kaspersky, or Nod32).

In y opinion You can use Comodo AV, it is good enough. Besides, there are online scanners, so You can run scan time to time, to be sure that your pc is 100% clean.

From what I can tell it is about average, but it hasn’t really been professionally tested as of yet.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

If you fo to youtube and Go to Mrizos Page he did a real review and the AV Alone Caught 10 in the wild viruses and eveything else on the pc…

look here