Question about amount of connections reported in Network Defense

I was looking at the reported amount of inbound and outbound connections in Network Defense (under Summary). Around 450 in and 350 out. Most of the connections are made by E Mule (the well known peer to peer client). The connections also show in the Active Connections window.

The odd thing starts here because E Mule is set to use a maximum of 50 simultaneous connections and according to the Statistics of E Mule it is within limits. So CIS reports a total amount of 800 and E Mule 50. That is truely odd especially when taken into account that 800 would be the default setting of E Mule.


  • what exactly does CIS measure in the Network Defense/Active Connections?
  • is that the same measurement type E Mule is using?
  • what other tool can I use to reliably measure the amount of simultaneous connections?(


Sysinternals TCPView should do nicely.

I too have found that the active connection and Traffic windows refresh like
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When I look in TCP view E Mule is using approx 50 connections. Then the question pops up: what is CIS reporting? Or may be it is not reporting properly?

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I think it’s just because the connection refreshing is slightly slow at closing connections.

hi there , I kinda seem to have a lot of outbound connections as well when I look at my ‘active connections’. I’m guessing its these ads but i’m not sure…if anyone can help me out. I’m on XP, pentium 3, 700mhz with 384mb ram and these outboound connections really kill my already weak pc. attatched a screen shot of my active connections. Sorry bout the picture but the application with all those outbound connections is 'iexplore.exe (internet explorer 7). Any help would be appreciated.

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I think you may be right here. One could call this a minor bug I suppose? If the mods think so they can move this topic to the bug report forum and I will report it.