Question about alerting

Hello, I’m just curious on how Comodo Firewall v3 will alert or warn me of a breach or leak in my firewall. Where the firewall is no longer able to protect me from the attacker/hacker. Is there an alert box saying something or a message that your “breached”?? Or is there nothing that comes up when Comodo Firewall is no longer able to protect me.? I know this might sound too far fetched but, I’m curious on how might i may be alerted when an event such as that may happen. Can anyone tell me?? thx.

Hello lw96-nick99

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Sorry no one has answered your post before now. I guess it is because no one expected a question like this.

CFP will only protect you as your rules allow. If you do not change any setting but leave all as default, then you will be protected and nothing will get past it that you do not allow by checking allow on the popups. If your PC was clean when CFP installed then all your apps are remembered and are considered as safe apps. If it was not clean, and there was some malware on it when you installed CFP then that malware would be considered as safe as well but would not be able to do anything without warning you of what it would like to do, and asking you to allow or deny.

If you have made major changes to your firewall and/or defense+ rules without understanding what they do,then you may have unintentionally given permission for a dangerous application to run. CFP only does what you allow or deny it to do.

Hope this helps