question about adobe flashplayer


Hi dear CD,
i m a fresh just dont know how to install flashplayer in virtual mode ??
maybe install in in-virtual mode and tranform to virtual one?

my system is a x64 win8.1 and the 33.1.100(newest?)Dragon
thx a lot!

i see Thx

… AM Hello, In light of recent issues with Adobe Flash Player we’ve decided to provide a workaround. … showed that there were problems with Adobe’s Flash Player functionality in Chrome 33, problems which … integrated in Dragon when we updated the Chromium core. To solve these … you will have to enable Chrome’s pepperflash in Dragon and disable Adobe’s Flash Player. First … have to acquire the pepflashplayer.dll file from a Chrome installation. It’s … in Chrome’s install location, in the “PepperFlash” folder. You can leave the file there or you can … i thank You 4 above fix-tip. I’ve experienced Flash-problem with ComodoDragon 33.1 since I’ve … wrote in Your post I’ve simply disabled Adobe Flash Player ppapi making so correctly runnig of …

Hi silyguy,
It is good to see that it appears you have sorted the Flash issue. :-TU

Kind regards.