Question about adaptive/enhanced protection modes

Do Enable adaptive mode under low system resources and Enable enhanced protection mode make a difference to how CIS works and to the protection level if HIPS is disabled?

see: HIPS Behaviour Settings, Comodo Internet Security | Comodo Internet Security v6.3

Advanced HIPS Settings
Enable adaptive mode under low system resources - Very rarely (and only in a heavily loaded system), low memory conditions might cause certain CIS functions to fail. With this option enabled, CIS will attempt to locate and utilize memory using adaptive techniques so that it can complete its pending tasks. However, the cost of enabling this option may be reduced performance in even lightly loaded systems (Default = Disabled).

Block all unknown requests if the application is closed - Selecting this option blocks all unknown execution requests if Comodo Internet Security is not running/has been shut down. This is option is very strict indeed and in most cases should only be enabled on seriously infested or compromised machines while the user is working to resolve these issues. If you know your machine is already 'clean' and are looking just to enable the highest CIS security settings then it is OK to leave this box unchecked. (Default = Disabled).

Enable enhanced protection mode - On 64 bit systems, enabling this mode will activate additional host intrusion prevention techniques to countermeasure extremely sophisticated malware that tries to bypass regular countermeasures. Because of limitations in Windows 7/8 x64 systems, some HIPS functions in previous versions of CIS could theoretically be bypassed by malware. Enhanced Protection Mode implements several patent-pending ways to improve HIPS. CIS requires a system restart for enabling enhanced protection mode. (Default = Disabled)

I’ve read the help already. It doesn’t say explicitly if that will help when HIPS is disabled. I can assume it will, but I want to be sure, hence the question.

Do u have win7/8 64Bit?

i make it short, so far i know,yes it will help.

Yes, 64-bit Win 7.

Are you sure? How do you know?

Cause Egemen tolds the mods, that even if Hips is deactivated, it is not really off. Hips functions are still present in the BB. And in the options, even if u deactivate HIPS, u can still enable the enhanced protection mode - this option is still active.

Ok, thank you for your input.