Question about a linksys wireless router

Question about a linksys wireless router.

What network does the defualt linksys profile connect to?

I was helping a friend out today and noticed this.

It was strange. But it had a good connection % and the security disabled??? The other profile had a low connection %, but its wpe enabled. This wasn’t the computer connected to the modem, but had a wireless antenna connected to it,

But I did install avast anti-virus and Comodo firewall.


A wireless router does not connect to another network besides the internet…

What encryption is enabled on the router?


Well, there are two profiles, the default linksys one with the encryption disabled :frowning: and one with the wep enabled. The default one has 83% connection while other one has 57% connection. And that one can find the access point, but not the internet, while the defualt one can.

It has Win XP Home SP2 and it’s in the basement, with a wireless antana while the other one is upstairs; The host computer which is connected directly to the dsl modem via a router.


I seem to be having trouble getting what you are talking about… What model of linksys router are you using, I will download the manual so I can get an idea as to the sophistication and setup of this router.

I want to give you exact instructions…

Thanks but it’s on a friend’s computer, not mine; I don’t know the model. I guess what I’m trying to ask is it ok to use linksys default profile with the network secr disabled, if one has a firewall (it’s Comodo) and avast anti-virus installed?


It is NOT ok to have the security (Encryption) disabled because the person most likely wants to use your internet. Which may seem harmless enough, but they could be doing something illegal in which case you may have a bit of a problem… You could set the computers up in such a way that any intruder computers that connect to your LAN cannot access your computers…

Have at LEAST WEP enabled, this can be cracked in 3 minutes but it is better then nothing. WPA and WPA2 have not been cracked yet.

So, what your saying is that if someone broke the key the firewalls would useless? But I couldn’t change or edit the default profile and I couldn’t enable the encryption either The other profile had low signal only two bars and had only 57% signal and it could find the access point, but couldn’t find the internet. (it’s connected via a wireless linksys antana and is in the basement and the host that’s connected to the dsl modem via a router is upstairs),while the default had 83% signal and was the only way we could get online. Is it possible we accidentally connected to some else’s network by mistake? We didn’t mean too, we were just to to get some firewall and av software for our system. Which we did successfully.

Any other advice?


The upstairs computer is encrypted , so would my stupid blunder only affect the downstairs computer? I’m a rookie at this wireless stuff. I was only trying to help my friend install the avast anti-virus and Comodo firewall (which were successful) and now have entered the twilight zone.

I feel like such a blockhead


On the wireless router, set the name of your network. IE. “My network629”, WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption and a good passphrase (Also set each device to the same wireless connection type (802.11b or 802.11g etc, and channel). On each computer then go into the wireless network card settings and do a search for wireless networks available, click the “My network629” one and enter the passphrase you entered into the wireless router.

Your wireless router should have a manual as to how to set this all up…

How is it possible to have two profiles on a Linksys? I have the WAG354G the one that looks like a little pizza box with a blue square in the middle with the logo. Linksys routers come with a CD for installing the connection to your computer. It’s a very easy step by step process but you really really need to setup some security stuff. Obviously you’ve got the main setup correct or you wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet. You also need to set the MAC address filter so it only allows the two computers to connect to the router. Another useful change is under Athe Administration Tab. You need to turn off the Upnp which is turned on by default. If all else fails and you have to start from scratch again there is a reset button next to where the power plugs in. It’s a little hole so you’ll need something like a pin. Just press in with the pin on the button in the hole for about 5 seconds and then release it. This will reset your router to default. Also, there is more than likely a newer firmware release. I’m currently using the lates I think it is. THis can be found from the Linksys website. Just goto (if your not US based) They have complete instructions on there as well for setting your router up.

One other thing, limit the number of users on the Setup Page to 2 instead of the default. I think my router’s default was 191 users but then again it’s a Wireless Gateway.


I was wondering the same thing EricEgan, that was one reason I wanted the model so that I could look at the manual and figure out what is going on with “Two profiles”??

Hiya… Sorry for not writing back sooner… been so busy lately…

As far as I am aware it is NOT possible to have two profiles for a linksys router. The You can set up a RIP where your using more than 1 router. You can set up up to two PPOE connections and multiple DNS server addresses can be used but the security itself is centrally configured. If you set a WPA key on the router and just make sure you’ve made a note of it you can connect both computers to the router. If you’re using XP or Vista you don’t have to use the CD. On Each machine. Just open your control pannel and select the Wireless Network Setup Wizard and then you have the option to save the information onto a memory stick and then jus stick the stick into the other machine. At any rate, I epect you’ve figured all this out by now…