query regarding Upgrade.

Hello !

  1. How much should CIS should download while upgrading
    from virus signature Database version:4221
    to virus signature Database version:4398

  2. I have 2 PC’s (Networked) both with CIS, Is there anyway (like manually copying bases.cav) so that i don’t have to upgrade on both the PC’s.

  3. How to stop the update process once started, It has only hide and close.

Request: Please make update process more interactive, may be something like Avira Antivir’s update process. Just a progress bar which stops at:5% than at:30% than again at:60% doesn’t really helps.

My Product version is: 3.14.130099.587

PS: My Net connection speed is very slow: avg download speed=30kB/s

You can manually copy over a bases.cav. Follow the instructions in Where can i download the latest full AV database?.