Qubes Beta 1 has been released! -> 1.0 Stable released

Qubes Beta 1 has been released!

Qubes is an open source operating system designed to provide strong security for desktop computing. Qubes is based on Xen, X Window System, and Linux, and can run most Linux applications and utilize most of the Linux drivers. In the future it might also run Windows apps.



Looks pretty interesting :-TU

Seems very nice.


My attention is specially hooked to this.

“In the future it might also run Windows apps”

This arquitecture don’t seem to support that, probably they will need some Emulate layer Between the XEN Hypervisor and the APPVM

Well if Joanna writes it she must have a good idea ;D

I hope so. :smiley:

Nice catch Ronny - looks very interesting. :-TU

I don’t think I needed to post a new topic since this is still in line with the release developments of QUBE-OS. I just wanted to inform everyone that QUBE-OS is now out of beta.

Running it on a test machine, looks very promising…

But sadly, the hardware requirements are quite exacting. :frowning:

Well I expect that to get better in next versions but yes you can’t say it’s light weight but then again that is the downside of the model.
I’m running it on a 4GB laptop and I can’t say it’s that bad (for playing around with)…

I had like to test it, but don’t have a spare machine able to run it.

Do you find it intuitive and easy to use?

Well you need to read the architecture document to get the most out of it…
And there are special routines to ‘update’ your machine, you update the ‘template’ VM which is a kind of Read-Only environment for the other VM’s

Thank you for sharing your experience Ronny.