Quarantined Program Not Being Restored

Apparently Microsoft’s Feedback Hub is malware, as falsely accused by Comodo.

And it cannot be restored to the program folder because while Comodo had permission to REMOVE it, it does not have permission to RESTORE it.

I am tired of booting to a CD to restore the program.

“Take The Long Way Home” - by Yes

You will need to do several things to restore a Windows App, at least for this instance.

First, you will need ownership of the Windows App folder in the Program Files, you can find the shell extension over at tenforums.com

If the offered registry file does not offer you the ability to take ownership of folders in the Program Files, it is because there is a limiter in the registry file that excludes Program Files from this action, you will need to edit the registry file and remove

 OR System.ItemPathDisplay:=\"C:\\Program Files\"


 OR System.ItemPathDisplay:=\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\"

Also, to be able to SEE the WindowsApp folder, you will need to use the View settings to see hidden items.

Once you have gained access to this folder, you then need to find the following three folders:
They got different tails but they all begin with this.

If you are worried about actually deleting system files, make a Parked folder and move them there.

Once they are gone, go to your Settings → Apps
Locate Feedback Hub, uninstall.

Then you can go to the store and reinstall it from the store.

PROVIDING YOU HAVE AN EXCLUSION it will resume working.

What about Apps that don’t offer an uninstall?

Search the tenforums.com for the tutorial on removing apps with powershell.