Quarantined Items

I have an update to the program and now the program sent items to the “Quarantined Items” section.
I kind hate because before it was asking me what I want to do and now it just sent it back to the Quarantined Items I try to restore it but sent it back again. So I have to shot down the Virus then restore and then scan the file and then make as a trust it application.

This Commodo becomes closer to the Norton AntiVirus program next thing it’s going to delete Items with out Asking.

The program it self does not know what I have and it was good that ask me before and I had the choice what to do. Now is just trouble. You should have a settings what to do if will find something but not do it on it’s own.

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Please check Antivirus / Scanner settings

They should not change after the latest update, they should still be the same as what you had them set before.