Quarantined Files - Now what?

After a virus scan, a number of files were listed as threats. All of them were from C:\Windows\system 32. I put them all in Quarantine, and submitted the files to Comodo to be checked.

What is the next step? Should I now go back and run Anti-Virus scan again to see if the Quarantined files are still suspicious? Will there be a response from Comodo concerning the submitted files?

Version 5 is running fine with XP Pro. Thanks for the great work!


if you are unsure about the files, check what other antivirus said at www.virustotal.com
if you dont care about thesse files then just leave it or delete it, if there isnt any noticiable usability issues
if you are sure these files are false positives submit they on Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year
if the files are submited througt the antivirus you will no get any notification but in this page

Please be aware you will have to release the files from quarantine before you can submit them through the website. You should also temporarily disable your real-time scanning until you’re done submitting the files to be analyzed.