Quarantined files in error

Vista Home Premium. I moved files from my Pending File to My Quarantine File in error, how do I get them back? Urgent!

Hi Wendway,

I`ve not seen a way of moving them back from quarantine to pending but you can just remove them from quarantine if you know they are safe(this will not remove them from your computer,just from quarantine)


Well, there’s no file move, it’s just a rule. Just remove the quarantined file rules and you are ok.

Thanks riggers, that solved my problem. I am new to Comodo and still struggling with it. I don’t know what to do with the remaining Pending Files after purging, lookup and submitting.

Thanks Ark, it’s so nice to know that help is so readily available, I used riggers reply since I didn’t know how to change the rules. I know I have seen how somewhere. As I replied to riggers I am still struggling.

You can either Remove them or move them to My Own Safe Files if you know they are safe.
EDIT Though My Own Safe Files does not seem to always work yet I have a file each time I open Open Office when I submit to comodo is automatically moved to Safe Files but keeps coming back to Pending Files.

Thanks Dennis, I am learning bit by bit.