same here (but we aren’t talk about that) The question from the OP is answered by me. My conlusion is that if malware that are quarantined and also found by MBAM then MBAM will delete those files due to earlier boot than CIS.

So a user can’t access the quarantine folder.

Valentin N

Try deleting the eula.rtf file. You’ll find that even though it’s in a protected folder you can delete it manually, which is the way the protection was designed.

I believe that’s the sort of thing Fantom is referencing.

The real problem, as I see it, is that MBAM is able to use Explorer.exe to delete a file from a protected folder. I see that as either a bug, or perhaps just something that needs to be changed.

I think it’s something that should be changed/added.

You can’t delete any files of Kaspersky , Avast and many anti-virus vendors (Even by human and administrator)

Only you can delete files of them if you disable self-defense

I don’t know why comodo think this option is not self-defense

I think you thought wrong cause this problem

I delete so many files of comodo until his av broken (But CIS don’t show any alarm)

If MBAM do mistake and detect some files of comodo and delete it and break CIS guard , what yo do?

If children or someone go on pc and try delete some files of your av , what yo do?

If you have a program and you think it is useful program and make it whitelist , but after install that program attack to your anti-virus , what you do ?

I think antivirus vendors must protect themselves against Human and other programs mistakes

(like kaspersky , avast , … that even don’t allow widows processes change or delete their files)

Why MBAM can’t delete any files of above anti-viruses but can delete comodo file? I think the answer is above !!!

Please add this to the wishlist.

You means that I go in wishlist board And make a topic for comodo self-defense ?

You can name the topic whatever you like. Just explain what you would like to see changed and why you think it would be an improvement.

It would also be a good idea to make a poll so it’s easier to see what other people want as well.


write here as well

Valentin N

Please follow Chiron’s suggestion.

No need to post as Valentin has proposed.


Ok , I made a topic in whishlist : Comodo Self-defense

Good job Fantom :-TU


Yes you can delete the eula.rtf file, but you do need Admin rights.


It’s all a mater of how your system is set up and the policies you have applied in CIS;

I can access the folder (attached) it’s just a matter how you have your policies set up.

that is why i requested fantom to post some information to see if this is a misconfiguration or what exactly.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I tried with both Internet Security and Proactive Security and even with Explorer I cannot access the Quarantine folder.

See attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I locked the Wishlist topic pending the investigation.

Fantom try reproducing your findings with a clean configuration.Go to More → Manage My Configurations → Import → navigate to the CIS installation folders → import the Internet Security config → give it a name like Comodo Internet Security Clean → activate it.

Now try again and let us know your findings. Can you delete things from the Quarantine folder with Explorer?

As I understand it he was unable to delete folders from the quarantine folder except with MBAM.

It sounded like he was able to manually delete some components of CIS in the Comodo Internet Security folder.

[at] Fantom
Which product did you have installed (CIS, CAV, CF)? (also list the version number)

Which OS are you running? (Also is it running with admin rights?)

Can you please let us know which files you were able to delete which “broke the AV”? (Also, what do you mean it was broke?)

After this were you still able to start the interface and run the diagnostics? If so then what were the results?


First I use widows xp and I have one user that has admin rights

I use CIS 5 (last version) and comodo’s Configuration was good (specially self-protection settings)

For MBAM , I tested in several system and Configurations but the answer was same

Ok , One of my friends made an interesting test and take a video:


In his system (win xp) he tested two internet security’s self-defense

First he install Avast Internet Security and after active Self-Defense, He try to delete Avast files one by one

He can’t delete any files

Then he use CIS and after active Self-Defense settings , He try to delete CIS files one by one

In video you can see many files deleted so easy…And after the AV engine don’t work good

Hi, Yes
If you see the video you can see after deleting , CIS work apparently
But when you want do a manual scan, You can’t do that
And in self-defense report was nothing

Please try running the diagnostics and see if they can fix the problem.

In the video diagnostics were not run.

If you have explorer.exe as a windows system app you can delete the files one by one (but on restart or minutes later you’ll be prompted that there is an update and will download fresh copy of those files you have deleted (Even if you have removed the diagnostics tool of cis); This is why by default explorer.exe shouldn’t be trusted as a windows system application…

Again; there are variables if you change you’ll be able to delete the files but again there will be back upon next update / restart;

Same with MBAM; depends on your configuration;

[at] Fantom can you please read this