Quarantine\Temp with 1,229,974 files taking up 34gb - How??

Since the update failed from CIS 7 to 8 Premium, a really well working computer has become hell. One early consequence of that was the need for an in-place repair install of Win 8.1 three weeks ago. Some setup problems with CIS 8 since then notwithstanding, things seem settled until last week, when I started getting lots of “Not Responding” in browsers and other apps. Running through a checklist of possibilities led me to notice that the system drive, which had ~70-75gb three weeks ago - ~45gb free, now had 114gb and 4gb free, with the largest part of the difference being in C:\Program Data\Comodo\cis\Quarantine\Temp. It showed 34 gb and yes, 1,229,974 files (now deleted)! The obvious questions: how could that happen, and what should I do to prevent it from happening again?

That’s a good question to which I have no answer.

Do you remember what extensions these files had?

tmp? All the files I could see were 20kb. I should have taken a screenshot.

After cleaning this up and a couple of other things, figuring there had been some corruption, I ran a couple of repair utilities. When those didn’t turn up much of anything, I ran a Win 8.1 repair install (again!). Numerous tries all stalled at 51%. Then I left the computer off overnight and tried again on startup, and it went right through. Same thing as three weeks earlier, when it only completed after being away for a couple of days. Pointed to the system SSD as a likely culprit, which I’ve returned under warranty. Will have to see if I can chalk it up to that.

I have the same issue. The CIS/Quarantine/Temp directory has grown to 57Gb.

File names are all similar to {00000062-1D0B-4398-935E-1F96CF5D0665} with no explicit extension. Windows lists type as “File”.

Most of the files (over 1.9 million of them) and have been created since Dec 6/2014.

CIS Premium database version 20663

You can delete them as they serve no purpose anymore.

To delete them you need to do a take ownership procedure on the quarantine folder to be able to access it.

Why-o-why does Comodo create, and then not delete these temp files??? :-\
I had thousands upon thousands of these crazy temp files. >:( Over 50 GB, yes 50 GB >:(
My solution - I created a one line batch file thus:
del /f/s/q “C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\Quarantine\Temp*”
I set the batch file up as a task to run in Task Scheduler, with elevated privileges, triggered at every log on.
I did not experience any need to take ownership.