Quarantine folder

I’ve noticed that the CIS service completely blocks access to the Quarantine folder, even for Admins. I consider this a bug for several reasons:

  1. Administrators should have access to all folders (except special system folders maybe). User Access should be managed by user access rights only. In the case of the Quarantine folder, the current situation will lead to user confusion because even the Admin action “Take ownership of this folder” will fail with an “Access denied” message.

  2. The folder cannot be defragmented.

  3. On SSDs, the current situation is counterproductive to Wear Levelling, IMHO, since the blocked folder cannot be moved or TRIMmed from within the OS.

This will be solved in CIS v6.

Good to hear… bring it on then, already :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your issue report. We have moved it to the non-format bugs board for the moment, because too much of the information we normally need to replicate a problem and fix it is missing, or it is not in the format we request.

We realize some people may not have the time to do bug report in standard format, and therefore offer the option of a non-format report instead. But the problem is much more likely to be fixed promptly if you edit your first post to create an issue report which meets all criteria in the Checklist and Format. (You can copy and paste the format from this topic). The general reasons why are summarized in that post, the reasons we ask for specific pieces of information are given in this detailed post.

You can get your report moved to the format verified issues board simply by ensuring that it is correctly formatted and all criteria are met, and PM’ing a mod who is active on the bug board.