Quarantine Bug


I tried to send a file to quarantine (from AV prompt, i.e detected virus,etc) but the file did not appear in quarantine after. I was able to produce this 3 times. This is what I did (btw, my test system is totally clean, as in only IE8, CIS and BOClean are installed (all latest versions).

  1. Went to speedtest site, said that I didn’t have flash installed.
  2. Selected the link to get flash (well, actually it download Adobe download manager first)
  3. Followed the default prompts and then the AV prompt popped up
  4. Clicked quarantine
  5. Checked quarantine, nothing there.

As mentioned, did this 3 times (all times downloading ADM first), this is what prompted CIS. However, on the forth time, it downloaded the correct activex component (but no alert) so I couldn’t test further.