Quality Control PEOPLE!

Today I have uninstalled Comodo and replaced it with ZoneAlarm. I do NOT intend to remain with ZA, but I want to make it clear that in the past I have been forced to TEMPORARILY use other firewalls until Comodo got its act together. It’s been a total of three times that I switched away from Comodo, from issues like network card and comodo freezing the PC to the BSODs that now occur with the latest release if Guard is left in system32. I always do my best to switch BACK TO COMODO, and alternative solutions have not survived for longer than a month on my PC.

But this is not supposed to happen in the first place. Seriously guys I understand that with memory protection, a comprehensive HIPS and other unique features of Comodo there comes a price. But after I see some bugs fixed right away and others last for months I get serious doubts about the team’s QC. Why do messes like these have to happen every now and then to this degree? Sure, ZA themselves have had multiple issues with stability, but there are SOME companies out there like Symantec who know how to get it right. Comeon guys it can be done!