Quake4 locks system

Tried CFP 3 on Vista Premium and when launching Quake 4 system locks. When I use Ctrl+Alt Delete can see that pop up asking for access to net for Quake 4 but no way to get to it. I have no mouse as I did in XP under same condition. Any way to get past this? tks.

Can you exit Quake and just create an application control rule in CFP, specifically for Quake? That should solve the problem. Though I can’t tell you exactly how to create that rule.


When it locked only way out was system reset.

He means a rule created inside cpf3.

I would expect it to work without all the trouble as other paid FWs do. Then if I don’t want it online I could change it to not allow later. As this does not seem to be a problem with others perhaps just something else on my system. Will just wait a while and see if others have problems with games. tks for the help.

Easy fix. Put the firewall and hips in training mode so they automatically create the rules and when you finish playing quake put them back to normal so next time rules are already made.