QTTask.exe showing as suspicious

Is this normal (see screenshot) or something I should be worried about. I’m thinking (hoping) this is probably a FP with CCE but thought I would check here first.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Submit that file to Comodo as false positive.

Yep, I’m assuming it’s a false positive. Please report it. Also, it would be helpful if you could submit all of those files for whitelisting by following the methods I give in this post.


Can I use CIS to do this?


Gave Valkyrie a try but do I need to logon to actually submit these files? (Not sure if they were submitted prior to the logon prompt).


It’s best to submit it through this link.

You do need to make an account with Valkyrie to submit the files, but I find that it’s definitely worth it. These files are sent to a different department. It can let you know if the file is safe, by submitting it through Valkyrie, but it won’t be added to the whitelist. At least that’s the way it works as far as I can tell.