Qt creator debuggin workaround

I recently installed last Qt Creator IDE build in two different computers -XP SP3 x32 & W7 x64- both with CIS 5, and faced an error when trying to debug the application.

It seems that there is a confict with guard32dll (wich is part of Defense+) and I allways get the following message: “The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the Operating System”

People had to disable Defense+ and restart the computer to solve this problem but you can bypass this issue by simply adding the debuggin executable application -the one you are debugging- to the Image Execution Contol Exclusion list -no need to reboot-. Of course, you can add the entire path where you save the Qt’s projects instead.



I would recommend you to look at this tipic Possible solution

Merry Christmas!

Valentin N

Didn’t see this workaround. I Wish I’d know it before!!!
Adding Qtcreator.exe or gdb* to exclusion list doesn’t solve the problem.
As they -and I- stated, you have to add the application you want to debug.

Thanks Valentin