Qs for Online Proxy Use

Hi, I’ve just downloaded Comodo after reading reviews and gone through the help, knowledgebase, and searched through the forum. Here’s my first Q:

I’m using an online proxy server with a thin client. If I try clicking the proxy on online with Comodo set to “Custom”, the online proxy page goes nuts. If I momentarily turn Comodo to “Allow All” and then click on the online proxy, it works. Then I go back and reset Comodo to “Custom”.

Is there a way to create a rule that would allow this proxy to work with “Custom” so I don’t have to do this each time I fire up Firefox?

Second Q:

If I’m using an online proxy, how does my Comodo protection vary from not using an online proxy?

Third Q:

In the full Comodo screen, lower right, I see stats for “System Info”. It is showing the proxy IP there. Are all the other stats in that section for the proxy as long as I’m logged into it?

Thanks for your help. I’m new here and enjoyed your “New Members” section. Esp. helpful was the reason you are offering these products for free.