QoS and Port Sets

I would like to control which ports a program such as BOINC uses so my router can prioritize by port sets. For example, I would set the QoS in the router for ports 54300-54400 for low priority, and have BOINC only use these ports for upload and download. Is this a BOINC issue, or a firewall issue?

If this is a firewall issue, PLEASE explain details of how to get this idea to work. I have been changing settings for the past week, and nothing seems to work. Thank you for the help.

Hi 1001WordsPhoto,

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It’s a matter of the Application, applications control which ports they use.
So you need to find a setting somewhere in the client to disable upnp usage and set a set of fixed ports.

If you have done that you could try to police the traffic in the router to not overload the link.
Applications like uTorrent etc have options to restrict the download/upload speed which they use, I’m not familiar with Boinc to know if it also has these features though.