Qihu 360 Internet Security 2013 Free Eng Version

Eng Official Site - http://360safe.com/

I think it released today as version on the site mention June 11 2013 & is a released version. And its by Qihu, the about us mention Qihu, I think its the same company whose product is in Chinese i.e 360 Antivirus & does well in various tests. Now they have released Free Eng version.

Mobile Android version is released too.

iphone version, coming soon…

If I am wrong with any info here, plzz correct me.

Yes, Naren. Qihu360 or better-known simply as “360” is currently the Top Antivirus provider in China, it claims it has about 70~80% of the Chinese Domestic Antivirus market. It is a listed company on NYSE.

When comparing with Rising or Baidu, “360” is not very well-known to the outside world (maybe up till now), because it has only issued it’s products in Chinese (since 2005). So to those who like Rising and Baidu products, 360 is a big brother and surely worth checking out.

360 has passed many internationally renowned tests, such as VB100, Checkmark, AV-Comparatives and AV-TEST and usually ranked amongst the top. It also has received many acknowledgements from Microsoft for informing them of Windows loopholes (for which patches have been made subsequently).

( Personally I have not used 360 Antivirus )

You forget Kingsoft.
But until now Kingsoft doesn’t update their website and main program (Not a database) for long time.

Thanks, Ringman. I realized I’d Kingsoft missed out soon after posting… too lazy to add it back. :azn:

If I may shed a bit more light on 360 and Baidu AVs, 360 has been a highly popular AV in China ever since it’s release in July 2008 and Baidu as a late-comer has just released it’s AV not long ago.

360 uses Bitdefender’s engine for real-time protection plus it’s own cloud-based and QVM Intelligent engines, just recently it has added an option for users to choose between Bitdefender and Avira’s engines for real-time protection.

On the other hand, Baidu Antivirus is using Kaspersky’s engine together with it’s own cloud-based engine, also Avira’s engine can be used for on-demand scanning. (Both providers promise they will offer their AV/IS products for free permanently.)

This product on its own is not passing tests strictly on its own merits.
It uses the bitdefender engine.

Kingsoft uses the avira engine etc.

I find it interesting that it is in fact other av engines that are passing tests and not 360 on its own.
Personally i would not bother with this and would sooner use avira or bitdefender rather than use a program which masks its own abilities under the guise of other products.

G-Data, BullGuard, and others are also passing tests using a combination of their own techniques and Bitdefender engine so I guess you’d conclude that their results are equally illegitimate.

Why do you say it masks its own abilities. Qihoo 360’s detections are clearly attributed to the engine responsible.

Sorry i think you misunderstood me.
Im not being critical of 360 as i have not used it personally,but it would be nice not just for the users but for the company for their product to be tested without 3rd party av engines.

If a product is passing tests using 3rd party engines then why would i not just use the 3rd party program.

Okay. I don’t understand but by all means make the call to AV-Test, AV-Comparatives, etc.
Tell them you want them to test products with 3rd-party engines, without their 3rd-party engines.
(Like crash-testing a car with 3rd-party airbags, without the airbags.)

Here’s a list just for BitDefender.

EstSoft (Alyac)
HAURI (ViRobot)
SecurityCoverage (SecureIT)
SurfRight (HitmanPro)

I’ll be the first to congratulate you if they take up your idea.

Gentlemen, reference reading on discussions of AVs using Bitdefender engine

And Wilders discussions on Qihu360

Again, it’s a Free world… each person shall decide which program he/she will try/use.

Version released today.
Sandbox & Trace Cleaner added.

Features, ease of use, GUI, licenses, brand name just to name a few. There’s reason why there are plenty of Security Suite in the market whilst on surface almost every vendor offer the same thing.
Beside, it’s absolutely common practice for vendors to licenses their technology to other vendors. Usually they will combined it with their own developed technology as well.