[Q] Trust this application ignored?

hi, i updated to the latest version and i can not get blender.exe to be trusted. every time i start it i get a “requests unlimited access to your computer” message.
even if i select “trust this application” and run unlimited it will come EVERY time i start it.
i already manually added the application to the Trusted files but no change. i also added it in the HIPS rules as installer/updater but it still gives the warning when i start the application.
so how do make this work so i dont get these messages when i choose not to see them again??

and if i dont select anything then after some time it will just open the application. if theres unlimited access and i dont choose anything i would rather it gets blocked than allowed. why is it allowed if theres no user input??

seems after a restart and changing HIPS to “Clean PC” i no longer get the pop ups. i will see if i can remove the installer/updater entry again.

i dont really know why that happens but

you can also put them temporarily in “define behavior blocker exceptions”

that can be found in
Security Settings > Defense+ > Behavior blocker

thanks for that link, it seems to work for now.

i also have some .bat scripts to build blender which also requested some things all the time (it creates temp files which aresandboxed or so) so i added the whole folder to the exceptions and see how that works out.