Q.S about the results from my Comodo Rating scan

I just ran a ratings scan. there are 6 unknown files. I have attached a screen print showing those files. I do not know what the files represent. They have no meaning to me.
My Qs: are:

  1. what to do next with the scan results?
  2. are these files safe and I should choose ‘trust’ as the action to take… or do something else with them?
  3. if these are all bad files or if there is just one or two bad files. what do I do with those bad files?

Note: I’m am a novice at battling male ware. I’m still learning the ropes of CIS premium.
I’m a home user, not a corporation.
The computer is running windows XP pro. V 2002 with service pack 3
CIS pro and malwarebytes are both installed.
Thank you.

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Go those files locations right click on them ( I think you can acces only one file that have the icon picture)
Give the unknown files to whitelisting team to check them whether they are safe or not.
Here : https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/submit-applications-here-to-be-whitelisted-2014-t100712.0.html;msg729738#msg729738

Works better if you don’t attach images as zips as well so the forum software can thumbnail them.

My Thanks to each of you. I’m attempting to learn how to submit the files to file verdict service. I don’t have a clue as to how to find the questionable files that ratings scan found using the ‘brows feature’ at file verdict. any help here please?

I made my attachment a zip file because according to this forum, it was apparently too large otherwise for it would not attach other wise.

Can either of you tell me how I should interpret the results from Comodo when the logs show there to have been 56 unknown programs blocked and 84 suspicious programs blocked, and 1483 network activities blocked. firewall events are at 82.4%

can you guys tell me how to find my comodo scan logs, so I can post the latest log on the forum for evaluation.

  1. Can you tel me how to run Comodo’s diagnostics.