Q:COMODO Internet Security 7 Beta


why cis 7 sandboxed trusted proccess ?

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IDK for sure but it is the same on all versions of CIS. It must be just the processes of the sandbox itself.

cmdvirth.exe is a needed application.

Many applications also need svchost.exe to work correctly so when they try to open it the svchost.exe processes gets started in the Sandbox, it could also be the case that cmdvirth.exe needs svchost, not sure about that though.

Either way when you launch something in the sandbox it will also start cmdvirth.exe and a few svchost.exe processes because they are needed, thing is that those don’t close when the program closes so when you close the program that needed them and then look in the list of sandboxed applications it looks like the files got sandboxed by themselves for some reason but that is not the case.


I have the same thing happen. I don’t think this is a bug. It speeds up the process when a FV process is started.

You see this when you open a browser in Comodo Sandbox I think, from what I saw in my case… Just delete everything from the sandbox!!! ;D

Deleting the sandbox will terminate all FV processes. :slight_smile: