Python help please

Hey guys so I have been playing around with python lately following some tutorials and I decided i wanted to actually try to make something:

This is the code I have made as current…

def userdb(**this):
    print this
print 'Sup.'
usrname=raw_input('Whats your name?')
usrage=raw_input('ok, How old are you?')
print 'User Database has been updated:'

and in action…

Whats your name?kyle
ok, How old are you?18
{'kyle': '18'}
User Database has been updated:

This is where I need help… What I would like to do is allow the user to call a variable, forexample I would type


and from that it would list the information i stored in the dictionary.

I know u can let the user assign the string of the variable= var=raw_input(‘enter string here’)
But how is it that I let the user CREATE their own varriable? I want to be able to call out a member I’ve added to the database and so it will display the information they have entered.

AFAIK %s is only to do with strings? Anyway… I’ll keep watching some videos. maybe im a bit ahead of where i should be.

I was just reading.

Would it be appropriate to assign each user their own class and variable ?