Pwn2Own 2014

Pwn2Own 2014: Rules and Unicorns
Pwn2Own 2014: The lineup
Pwn2Own results for Wednesday (Day One)
Pwn2Own results for Thursday (Day Two)

Glad to see these security holes getting fixed. Even though there will always be more. :frowning: At lease browser companies are good about fixing the holes.

Chrome and Chrome OS (“pwned” at Pwnium) have been updated to 33.0.1750.152 (.154 for Windows).

We’re delighted at the success of Pwn2Own and the ability to study full exploits. We anticipate landing additional changes and hardening measures for these vulnerabilities in the near future. We also believe that both submissions are works of art and deserve wider sharing and recognition. We plan to do technical reports on both Pwn2Own submissions in the future.

Pwn2Own 2014: A recap

See what’s fixed in Firefox 28.0: Security Advisories for Firefox

Mozilla made quite a few fixes. Firefox keeps getting better. :slight_smile: