PVK issue [Resolved]


Just asking this, hope someone can help or enlighten me a bit.

We have just ordered the Code Signing Certificate, now my problem is that during the process of sign-up, we use a firefox browser where it didn’t pop-up anything where to save this PVK file so i’m wondering, where is it save? Since we completed the certificate.

So what i did is, i go back to the sign-up page: https://secure.instantssl.com/products/CodeSigningSignup1a using a iexplore v7 then create the PVK file. Would that be ok?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I think the private key needs to be the one used when you applied for the certificate. If you created one later it may not be the same.

With Firefox it may work the same way I seem to remember it did in IE under Vista. A private key is created and saved in the browser certificate store. You can look and see. When you collect the certificate it will be stored there as well, and you’ll have to export it to a separate file so it can be used with the tools.

Thanks for the info.

But I didn’t see any stored certificate (Tools->Options->Advanced->View Certificates).

Just for clarification when I created/generated the PVK file, I was login in the sign-up page. Would that resolve the issue? since it have the identity of the user login, am I right?

That would depend on whether the private key is generated just from the user ID or whether it has an element of randomness built in, or uses the date/time or whatever. I don’t know the answer to that.

I don’t think Comodo could create a code signing certificate without one, though, so it must be somewhere. Have you tried searching the hard drive for *.pvk files?

@Techpro, thanks for your big help… :SMLR

I already inform comodo techsupport about this, and its now resolve… :BNC