New to Comodo Internet Security.
When I click on ‘Summary’ I see Anti-Virus, Defense+ and Firewall.
My Anti-Virus has three status options - On Access
Question, what does Stateful and On Access mean ? What is the difference and so which one is best ?
My Defense+ has five status options - Clean PC Mode
Paranoid Mode
Safe Mode
Training Mode
Question - what do they all mean aside from Disabled and which one is best ?
Also in Defense+ I have options to treat unrecognized files (what are they?) by choosing Partially Limited
Question - what do they mean and which one is best ?
In Firewall I have five options - Disabled
Safe Mode
Block All
Custom Policy
Training Mode
Question - what do they mean (aside from Disabled) and which one is best ?
Please excuse my ignorance here. A simple explanation please if you can.

My advice for how to configure Comodo Internet Security is given in this article. Please read through it and follow the advice.

If after reading the article you still have more questions please feel free to ask.


I had a feeling I would be sent elsewhere to read. I was hoping someone would just answer my questions here.

You should really just follow Chirons advice.

OK then. But it won’t help. Because it will not explain the workings of Comodo in layman’s terms. It will assume I know about computers leaving me as puzzled as before. I just know it but will try.

Please read first. Then comment.
Chiron’s articles are very informative and helpful.
Thank you.

Actually, I’ve tried to write it so that it is understandable for someone who is unfamiliar with computer security. Thus, I’d really appreciate any feedback you have about which portions are difficult to understand so I can edit the article to make them more understandable.