Put Help on all main GUI screens

I’d like to see Help on all main GUI screens, not just on the Miscellaneous screen, where I think it’s hard to find.

Thanks for CIS and for listening,

There are numerous “What do these settings do?” links on every GUI screen.

Simply Press F1 While On The GUI

But A Small Little Text Bottom Right Or “Left :D” Wouldn’t be bad


There is absolutely no indication of how to get Help on any of the main GUI screens: SUMMARY, ANTIVIRUS, FIREWALL, or DEFENSE+ (Common Tasks or Advanced).

I’d like to see HELP just to the right of MISCELLANEOUS.


I do know that, thanks, but the average user doesn’t, which is what concerns me most.
Chicken and the egg problem.
“If I knew what question to ask I’d probably know the answer too.” :wink: