PUSH an alert to a user if he submits a file and is found safe

Too many times I have had files submitted to Comodo and have seen no verdict at all. The files go to the unrecognized files, I try to submit them and Comodo tells me they are already submitted, but when I go to the Submitted Files tab, I don’t see them. Then I have to take the chance of running them anyways and sometimes the file is found safe, but I am not alerted and I don’t find out until I try to run the file again and don’t get any alerts at all.

I thought there used to be something called “my pending files” but I don’t see that option anymore.

So I proposed an option called PUSH alerts that allows Comodo to put the installation on an “indefinite” hold, and send an alert to the user when the file is found safe and gives the user a option to continue automatically for the user when it’s found safe.