Purpose for cmdagent & cfp


Looking at the list of processes running on my WinXP (SP3), I see two processes from Comodo: CMDAGENT, and CFP. They take approximately 8 MB, and 3 MB of space in memory respectively.


  1. What is the purpose for having two separate processes in this firewall?
  2. Can either one of them be turned off ?

Note: I come from the school of ‘the less is better’, especially when dealing in Windows environments.

Thank you.



To get a clue why there are two processes: cmdagent is the actual firewall and cfp is the GUI. I honestly don’t know why cfp isn’t built into cmdagent but that’s how it looks. So if you want to have the firewall and also be in control of it, you can’t turn off either cmdagent or cfp.