purge quarantine

What happens to files that are purged from quarantine? I can’t find an answer to this in the help/user guide. Maybe I just don’t know where to look. Are they just removed from the quarantine list or are they deleted from the drive? Why is there no option to completely delete quarantined files?

“In fact, Defense+ is so good at blocking malware, you may never need a dedicated anti-virus program ever again.”
This is part of the overview in the introduction section of the help file. Is this an accurate statement? Can I remove the other Comodo utilities from my system without putting it at increased risk?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

I’ve never had a quarantined file but my guess it would remove the entries no longer valid.

As far as having no AV, with good free apps that are low on resources, why take the chance? Same with anti-spyware.

Thanks Hikertrash.
I’ve got a bunch of Dc*.exe files in quarantine (Dc1, Dc2, Dc3 and so on). They tend to be invisible and self-replicating but the firewall picked them up as unknown and put them in pending where there is also no option to “delete”. Not being sure where they’ll end up if I choose “Remove” I went with “Submit” and then moved them to quarantine. As long as they sit in there, they’re harmless. Still, I’d like to be certain and eliminate them all together. That’s why I’m concerned about the “Purge” option. When I select it the message is “The following files are not valid. Do you want to remove them from the list”. That sounds to me like the files will just be restored and I can’t find anything in help to verify this.

Yeah, as long as they’re mot causing any problems, just hold off until some one more knowledgeable comes along. I’m contunually confused with options like that, especially remove. Does that delete from the folder or the system?

Sounds like a plan. I’ll just hang here for a while and see if somebody else picks up the thread. Thanks again Hikertrash.

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I don’t see it with CIS, but my understanding is Remove removes them from the list, Purge will remove them from the list and your HD (Delete, anyone?).
One of the developers can confirm or refute this.

As far as I remember purge will remove the invalid entries from the pending list. For e.g. When you install a program it is automatically added to pending list including some from temp. files created for installation from temp. directory. When you either uninstall the program or when such temp files are removed, the entry will still be there in the pending list. However, it could be a long list. Hence, it is always advisable to use purge before reviewing the pending list. Once invalid entries, entries which no longer exist in HD, are removed (using purge), you can review the pending files. One of the easiest way is also to press lookup, which will check with Comodo databse, whether the file is genuine or not. If safe, it will automatically be transferred comodo safelist. In case of an update to existing program (which we are sure of and we know we have actually updated it) I would just check the file directory for e.g. c:\prog. files\comodo and accept all those as safe.

P.S. due to BSOD I presently use Comodo 2.4 and this is what I used to do with CFP 3.0. Since, I can no longer check in my own PC, please do check for the authenticity of my remarks on your PC. Further, I remember using the remove option and I feel that it just removes the entry from pending list (even for those file which already exist in the HD unlike purge) without removing it from HD.

May be an experienced user like 3xist, kyle or eric can confirm it. Please follow the above only after confirmation from someone.

About the Dc I though I had read somewhere that it is files that are in the Recycle Bin search and found it quote here:-placed in the Recycle Bin and renamed to something like DC12.txt

With regards the “Remove” selection for My Quarantined/Pending/Safe Files it does not remove the files from your computer,it just removes them from the list.
The trouble with moving them to quarantine is that you can not now delete them(hence why a delete function would be nice) so you have to remove them to allow them to be got rid of.Best thing is to leave them in pending empty the recycle bin and then Purge,any left can be looked up/submited.
You can get rid of the whole pending files issue by moving to safe or paranoid mode as “Clean PC” mode is the only one which accumalates pending files.


I have recently got the same c:\recycler\s( a bunch of numbers\DC10.exe & DC12.exe warnings

upon google i found out that dc10 / 12 .exe are trojans?

i did several anti virus scans but found nothing… does anyone know the reason of it appearing in comodo (pending files) in the first place cause those 2 paths doesn’t exist as i could purge them?


If by pressing purge in CIS, if these items are removed from the pending list of CIS there is nothing to worry… its gone from the computer.

As far as file names in recycle bin (like DC 2, 3 etc.) are concerned, Windows assign these names in place of the original file names on its own. When you install some programs, temporary files are created and after successful installation, these files are removed by the installer itself. But, defence+ will catch the new executable and will ask you for your perusal. By pressing purge if it goes, that means it no more exists at all and will be removed from the pending list by CIS. Your DC 10 could be one of them.