purge of Trusted files need that add hash compare.

now, purge funtion of trusted file is clean method by ‘file path’ compare.

too many listed same ‘file path’ on trusted files list .

so, i suggest.

purge of Trusted files need that cleaning by method ‘file path and hash’ compare.

ex) reference attached image file

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Could you expound upon this a little please? Some of use have limited understandings of firewalls to start with and to me purging trusted files means removing the entire list of trusted files so you have to start over…

sorry, i little know english.

Now, the purge function of CIS compared to the file path. if file does not exist, purge delete file list path. if exit same file name of other file that not delete the file path list. this accumulate same path to the truested file list.

ex) aimp play is updated. first this is not trusted file and running at sandbox. i add aimp player file onthe trusted file. aimp file path of same path (old and new) accumulate on the trusted file list of CIS.

if using the hash compare, the purge function remove other file (compare hash) of the same path although there same name file exist.

Purge delete : file not exist
Purge not delete : file exist, although that is other file. ← this problem. >:(

i suggest

Purge delete : 1. file not exist 2. Even if the file of same name exists, the file was different (compare hash). :smiley:

I understand this situation.

But, in CIS 5.10 there was a feature to add files to “trusted files” list by “PATH” (which was necessary to many developers and for many constantly updating programs)

So, if “Trusted files” list is purged by “Hash”, it should not delete those entries that are added specifically by “PATH”.

Other than that I too would like to see more operations based on “HASH” rather than “PATH”.

Great call!
++1 :-TU