Purge list of Trusted files

Because purge is no longer an available option, I was thinking about something that would let me “update” the list of trusted files.

Do you think removing ALL items from this list is a good approach? I am thinking that it could be because CIS relies on list of Trusted Vendors. Consequently, this list would automatically be filled with secure programs installed in the system.

What do you think? Could I have gentle advice on that. Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure. The purge feature will be reintroduced in V9. What I do for now is select all then uncheck applications that I know need trusted status. Then delete the rest. This way your added trusted applications group together at the top of the list.

Just an opinion.

That’s what the Rating Scan is for.

I was just about to ask this question because I got a huge list of files to remove under appdata/local/temp/* and elsewhere and there doesn’t seem to be a purge list.