Purge is not Purge wtf!?

Can someone do a quick test for me (make sure you read it all!). Go to Trusted files menu in settings, click Purge button and click Ok. Repeat this process for some time. In my case, doing so removed ALL entries from Trusted files list. It’s now empty. This isn’t purge, it’s Remove and it seems all broken as it’s removing entries for files that exist on HDD.

I’ve reported the bug about Purge function not working but i didn’t think it wasn’t working in such horrible way. Can anyone else confirm it?

I can reproduce this.

And another thing: I’ve disabled all file rating features and therefore, I thought, the trusted files list has to be filled manually. But it seems Comodo automatically populates the trusted files list with known files, when they get installed on the system.
I don’t want this behavior and it was the reason why I’ve dumped CIS4 long time ago! For example I trust my browser vendor, but I don’t want my browser running as a trusted application, since it’s a very critical application which is accessing tons of potentially malicious files from the internet.

Weird! In my case it is just the contrary! Purge does nothing. Each time I ask it to purge the trusted files, I’m always presented with the same ones to purge. CIS doesn’t remember he has already removed them.

same here ???

Please have a look at the trusted files while purging. The list gets shorter. “Purge” indeed removes items from the list.

Thats what i thought at forst but after repeating it for a while the list was getting shorter and shorter until ALL entries were gone. Even those valid!

Please report what you are seeing in the bug reports.

Note that sometimes bugs can act differently on different systems. Thus, if you are experiencing the bug in a different way than others I think it would also be helpful for you to make a bug report, even if they have already made one.