"Purge" and limited user account (V3.0.15.277 X32)

When I press “purge” button in “my pending files” section, CFP scans the list for files that no longer exist and removes them.
I found that this check runs with access rights of current user. I think this in some cases can be dangerous.

For example there is a system with 2 limited user accounts: “John” and “Mike”. D+ is in Clean PC Mode. John downloads some executable file (for example pcaudit.exe) and saves it in his home directory: C:\Docents and Settings\John\My Docents\pcaudit.exe
Later Mike runs a purge process. CFP GUI (which runs with Mike’s NTFS access rights) makes a check. It can’t find C:\Docents and Settings\John\My Docents\pcaudit.exe because Mike has no access to C:\Doc**ents and Settings\John\ and removes this file from “my pending files” list. When John will run pcaudit.exe, CFP (in Clean PC Mode) will just allow and learn activities of pcaudit.exe. So it will be an information leak.

On winxp systems even administrator has no access to some folders (for example System Volume Information)

I think that “purge” check should run with higher (system) privileges.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. :-\

I reproduced this issue. It affects 3.0.16 too.

Can someone check whether this issue affects the newest 3.0.19 version?
(I don’t have an opportunity to do it myself at present.)