purge and avast conflict?

ohhh. another question. i run cfp 3.0. everytime i select “purge” for d+ and fw this comes up (loook at screenshot). purge looks at all the rules to make sure the app for the rule is still installed. it says acvess denied. never got this before. happened ever since i installed sp3 yesterday.

i asked on avast forum.

from avast forum:

Seems like CFP is trying to open all executables in avast! installation folder - and even open them for writing.
No idea why it might want to do that.

any idea? (V)

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When you hit Purge I suspect CFP is interrogating each application (file) on the list to see if it still exists. Obviously the way CFP is doing it is attracting Avasts attention & Avast doesn’t want its installation meddled with. Access denied. And quiet right too. CFPs Purge scan carries on regardless (may have got the answer it wanted anyway). This is called a conflict… although, not a low-level one (sometimes serious).

What I think it needs is to set all your security applications to trust each other. That’s a Trusted Application for Avast’s components in CFP and Excluded (?) for CFPs components in Avast. Ditto with the rest of your security software, especially the manual scanners you use. If your manual scanner finds something (as they often do), there is a risk that your AV (with updated definitions) might also detect it, because the manual scanner accessed it. Much mayhem & general unpleasantnesses can result. ;D

I can confirm this, it’s also happens when I use other programs, for example CPU-Z.
But note that Avast! 4.8.1192 is an beta-version and therefore not complete okay.

Thanks for pointing that out Snowhawk (4.8). :-TU

Since it wasn’t a problem in 4.7 (AFAIK) it, perhaps, might be some sort new self-defense mechanism that Avast is deploying in 4.8?*

*Sorry, I just can’t myself, I just gotta speculate.


Yes, I suppose so, but in betaver 4.8.1187 it wasn’t any problems. Well, the show goes on ;D

More info here:

i realize now that it started ever since i installed .1192 yesterday. i think there were a few changes in the self defense module