Punkbuster Headaches

I use Punkbuster when playing online games. It protects against cheaters modding games unfairly. I am having a nightmare using it with Comodo, which keeps popping up about once every 30 seconds asking me to confirm that an action of Punkbuster is OK.

I tried making it a Trusted Application in the pop up box, but to no avail. Does anyone know where I can just set Punkbuster as “Its OK stop asking me about it.”

Thanks guys!

I am a gamer. Simply add Punkbustrers A and B to the firewall and D+ as trusted items. You can also use training mode for both D+ and the firewall.

Thanks for replying, what section of Comdo is this done in? Never done this before so a couple of tips would be handy.

Go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and add Both Punkbusters found in the Windows System32 folder. Then go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and do the same. Click Add on the right side.

Thanks again, what seemed to happen was when I selected Trusted Application from the pop up box it did not register immediatly. After shut down and restart it is now showing “Trusted Appliction” and all is well (:WAV)