PunkBuster doest show on Active Connections.

I will post some pics:

So this PunkBuster connect to internet for updates so why Comodo Firewall don’t show the program on Active Connections ?

ok now I search it and the Comodo Firewall show me the program on Active Process list:

Why only on the Active Process ?

Hello Sryn, Welcome to the forums.

It’s because Punkbuster isn’t connected to the internet when you are vieinwg the active connections.

PB is most often just running a background service, Punkbuster.EXE that verifies your content with the game server you are playing. (To make sure you don’t have any modified or extra files etc) after that Punkbuster will continue to stay connected to the game server while you are playing, Listening, and waiting if the host request a screen shot, etc.

Try playing your loading your game, Press ALT TAB to switch to windows and open Comodo’s Active network.

Hope this helps!