Punkbuster and comodo. Anyone not get kicked constantly?

Years ago i was able to play punkbuster games together with comodo.
Then it became difficult. Several kick reasons were given.
For a brief time later i have been able to play with punkbuster again.

But now for some years, i will get kicked right after joining a server. I am used to play on servers without punkbuster.
Now i want to know if there is any user of comodo who has no problems with punkbuster.

The question is:
Does comodo prevent something?
Is punkbuster just not liking comodo?

In my opinion the whole punkbuster program is a giant failure. I can not count how many times I’ve seen people complain about getting kicked for no reason at all, I can not count how many times I have been kicked myself by it AND I CAN NOT COUNT HOW MANY HACKERS I’VE SEEN IN THE GAMES THAT USE PUNKBUSTER!

And this is not even when Comodo is installed, if that gives more problems then I can say that any punkbuster games are dead to me.

Punkbuster should be removed from the gaming world, many users agree and hackers don’t give a shit because it doesn’t even affect them but as long as game developers doesn’t want to create their own anti-cheat system they will go with already existing solutions and then they will probably choose the most used or most well known, it’s just a shame that it’s the horrible mock-up of punkbuster.

I don’t think it’s down to Comodo. I had issues with it with other security as well. Not to mention that other AV vendors did detect punkbuster as malware (Bitdefender) that’s where you might face issues. I agree with SanyaIV. It’s all down to the game/punkbuster at the end of the day. Many anti-cheat programs today for the online games are useless as ppl hack all the time. So get rid of them!

Not necessarily all of them, for example I love VAC. Yeah I know, VAC doesn’t ban right away but to my knowledge it doesn’t flip* rubbish* up like punkbuster. And I have also only heard of a very few banning sprees (one including fraps I think) but they were all resolved.

I like VAC because it actually bans some hackers and that’s a permanent ban so they have to re-purchase the game. And I have yet to see someone actually being innocently banned (excluding those waves caused by faulty things but which were corrected)

Edit: Though VAC doesn’t keep games hack free, but without VAC I bet that there would be loads more hackers.

I would never get a game that has punkbuster but not server/admin function. Actually i saw more cheaters in punkbuster “saved” servers, auto rejoining after kicks (they were even longer on the server than i without a cheat). Their intention is to destroy the game for others, and with punkbuster they are explicit able to!
While legit players are kicked.

I had a stupid discussion with fanboys, they claimed that it is fully right to kick someone like me, because my problem (kick reason) could be a door for cheaters. What a garbage argument.
If one legit player gets kicked (in fact its like a perma ban for all punkbuster games!), the anti cheat failed. Never discuss with fanboys. It hurts in teh head.

But is anybody able to play punkbuster games with comodo installed? Thats the question, because i would like to know how to fix it.