"pulitore cache" cpu eater!

On my win7 hp notebook with CIS 7.0.317799.4142 and italian languace I have cpu always over 70%…
Opening CIS taskmanager i have noticed the task “pulitore cache” with the status “in avvio” for a long time (over 20 minutes), stopping it the cpu activity break down-

for better understand changed language from italian to english,
now in CIS task manager i have “cache cleaner” with status “running” (a error in the italian traduction “in avvio” = starting).

but the problem is the same, this task is cpu eater, should i stop it or leave it run until it complete?

now i will leave the task running a long… i will post news…

Thanks for reply

after 1,45 hours the task “cache cleaner” still running, cmdagent.exe in taskmanager is floating between 40 and 60% cpu,

the cache the task is cleaning is the cis cache or the system cache? is there a way to clean this cache manually? is a good idea to stop the task?

hope in some answer!! (also twitted the question)