psi.exe and sandbox

CIS4 on Win 7, when I boot up the message comes up from the sand box that it has stopped psi.exe from running and will run it in the sandbox.
The psi.exe is from Secunia and is fine but when I click to not run in sandbox the ‘Remember this decision’ is greyed out so the message appears everytime I boot up. 88)

I decided to let the sand box run it one time but when I looked in teh sandbox programs running list it was not there. ??? ???

I have uninstalled Secunia to comfirm that the psi.exe was not a fake .exe virus trying to run, and the sandbox has not reported it since the uninstall. So it was a genuine program.
But why can I not set the sand box to remember decisions.

dave (baffled) ???

Try putting psi.exe in “My Own Safe Files”. Defense±>Common Tasks->My Own Safe Files

Thanks for that, I reinstalled secunia and dragged it to my safe files and rebooted.

It worked :-TU Cheers.