Proxy settings

How can I mange proxy in CIS 3.5.57173.439?
I’m unable to update virus signature due to a proxy, and I can’t find out where I can set proxy parameters
There is anybody who can help me?

Hey Willy,

Miscellaneous > Settings > Proxy tab

Later and welcome to the Forum.

…I don’t know why…but you can see in the immage attached in settings I have no Proxy tab…

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Oh damn, I’m sorry I am using newer version glanced over at first.
I don’t use Proxy so now I’m at a loss for that version.

We need a CIS 3.5.57173.439 user to jump in here.

PS. Have you searched the Help files for the word proxy ?

Yes I did, but the match found was no helpfull…I’m starting to believe that there are no possibility to set proxy in this version…very strange

Have you considered downloading the latest CIS and do a clean install?

Maybe I don’t have those old help files saved from before either.
Here’s a pic of the new version 3.8 Proxy tab.

Thought about moving up or actually I think it might auto update in a few days according to something I read.

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…whould be great…so I need just of a little patience…thanks for the support

Your welcome and thanks to John,

I’ll look for that, what I read to make sure I’m not blowin smoke up yer butt

OK patience is the key.
Here is the post I read

new version available…CIS 3.8.64263.468…now we have the proxy tab, all is working.
thanks everybody!

Sweet Timing er what.

Superb to hear it’s working for you too.