Proxy Setting

Ok, I am also assuming you would have a second TCP/IP property page for the internet PC that would have the address set (DHCP disabled) for the LAN Nic.

Based on what you are showing me, proxy aside, once CPF is loaded you must not have been able to browse the internet with your internet PC, correct? Pretty hard to browse the web with an IP of

Just curious, does your ISP assign you a Static or Dynamic IP, i.e. does it ever change or always remain the same? IF it remains the same, it is Static, and you should be able to safely turn DHCP off for the internet Nic and configure it to use the details posted in your images.

You sure you want to use a software proxy and Switch instead of a router?

I just order

Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 8-Port Switch BEFSR

off the radio shack website before coming here now if i can only get it to work on desktop i should be able to configure it on laptop as well.

My IP only changes if the modem is left unplugged for a long time

Hey Dan/silverchip,

That 169.254.X.X address looks horribly familiar. I’m pretty certain that that 169.254 addresses are used when Windows ICS is setup, and I think I’ve seen it used for several other proxies as well.

Is is possible that silverchip has set up the proxy for the wrong interface?

Silverchip, since your desktop PC has two interface cards, I would assume that your proxy software would have detected both. At some point during the proxy installation, it should have asked which interface card was connected to the internet and which interface card was connected to your LAN. The proxy software should only be assigned to the interface card that is connected to the LAN.

If the proxy was assigned to the internet connected interface card, we’d end up with pretty much what we’ve got.

Please bear in mind that I dont have a proxy to play with and test here, I’m just working from memory, but the 169.254 address rang a few bells.

Hope the router works out. Once they’re set up, they’re pretty much set-and-forget.

Ewen :slight_smile:

169.254.. is the IP you get when “nobody is home”… usually the systray icon for “limited or no connectivity” accompanies such an address.


Silverchip’s problem is essentially my problem also i.e. the internet connection icon shows the ‘limited or no connectivity’ message and cannot connect to the internet, turn off CPF or restart computer and I can connect to internet - however in my case I am using a Tor server + Privoxy.

Tor uses (default proxy settings) or localhost.

The problem appears intermitently and there are no obvious messages in the log (unless I have missed them) so I am unable to reproduce the error.

My internet computer (the OS is XP Home) is connected via a modem which is recognised by the CPF, also the computer is connected to a LAN controlled by a Windows 2000 server and I have no problems connecting to that network.

Any suggestions?