Provide an option to REMOVE all/selected (CTRL+click) Trusted Software Vendors

My view:

There must be an option to remove all and/or selected (by CTRL+click) vendors from “Trusted Software Vendors” (ver 5.0.162636.1135 > Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Trusted Software Vendors tab), please…

Many thanks!


Agreed. Users should have more control over that list. In fact it would be better if a user was able to download/update the list manually and at will. The list should be blank during the initial install and there should be a button “Update Vendors List” or something similar to do it manually. Not everyone trusts every software vendor that is already on the list. The final user should make the determination as of which vendors he/she will trust and remove/add the rest.

P.S. Maybe the OP could add a poll? Some people will vote without leaving a comment.

This has been an ongoing discussion since the Trusted Vendors list first appeared.

If you do not want to use this list, then disable it.
Otherwise, please put an end to this. You either like the list and use it or you don’t.

Why not at least add an easy way of making exceptions or that sort of thing?

@ John B,

It looks as though they have removed the option to not use the list.

I think, now, the only way is to switch to Paranoid Mode.


Sandbox Settings, Automatically trust files from Trusted vendors.
Seems like the wrong place to put it, though.

I don’t think a response of “disable it” is a suitable resolution to a poorly designed interface implementation. Comodo has long said they listen to their users. As you say, the trusted vendor has been discussed since its inception. I believe the tweaks people have been asking for are pretty easy to implement, yet the list functionality stays as it always has been. A bit of a kludgey, confusing mess… Why Comodo chooses to ignore this is beyond me.

As it sits, the list definitely has a purpose. It just needs to be more user friendly.


From Help File -

Automatically trust the files from the trusted installers - Files that are generated by trusted installers are also trusted. This means that they will not be sandboxed.

The above is only for inheriting safe status of the installers created files. Am I wrong?

The pics show where it was and where it isn’t now.

[attachment deleted by admin]

You are very right, BF. I scanned the windows too fast.

Regarding a way to improve the trusted vendors list: see this post.


the TVL should be used by default but for the users that want to remove some entries or disable all of it all together they should be able to. The user should be able to do what they want with the TVL.

Alas this “feature request” is nothing to Comodo judging by that fact TVL remains same like it was before version after version. If people are right and this happens from the beginning of version 3 → that means more than 3 years of disregard at the time of writing.

Sign below this words:

I actually found this post from a mod in another thread from 2009:

Great so ■■■■ off eveyone who didn’t mind the popups.
I personally liked knowing when things were accessing my memory.
Thanks to the trusted vendor list, a trojan dropper signed by trend micro inc. was able to work successfully (good job Comodo!). When you add a trusted vendor list, all it does is provide one giant security hole for droppers which are falsely signed

Don’t flip with your program, you had it good before. All the keymashing reres who don’t want to know whats happening to their computers can ■■■■ and go buy a mac IMO.
I picked Comodo because it was the best security software out there, and the programmers didn’t have their heads up their ■■■■■ when vista came out.
Give me back my security alert popups please, removing trusted vendors (such a large list) now takes me a ridiculous amount of time. Also, allow me to prevent Comodo from adding to it.

I wanted to ask exactly the same. (+ shift+click)
The only way to remove the trusted vendors I know is one by one: and the list is too long.
And in the next update the list will be renewed.
So it also will be a good idea to ask during update if we want want to update also the TVL.

I have only been using Comodo for about 4 days now. I was looking for something more robust than ZoneAlarm but Comodo is somewhat overwhelming (in fairness it is overly simplified if you don’t want to change any defaults or configuration and only complicated if you want to get into customizing.)

Since having full control is my objective, I was ready to invest some time to learn the interface. What I have found so far, however, is as robust as the control it provides first seems there also appears to exist some serious flaws, particularly in this area. The concept of a Trusted Software Vendor list is a serious exposure it appears. Wanting my own control over what uses my online access, I went off on a task of trying to delete this super long vendor list and gave up after researching here and finding there was no way to do a mass delete and gave up after about 300 mouse clicks. Frustrated and poking around in the installed code I discovered I could just delete the files “Vendor.h” and “Vendor.n” in the \Datebase sub-directory of the Program Files directory.

A funny thing happened after that, the first was the vendor list disappeared and everything seemed to be working as I wanted after a re-boot. I received a slew of about 6 pop-ups after the reboot. This was as expected and welcomed. Thinking I was home free, the second surprise came when I de-sandboxed the items it found on the fresh re-boot after vendor list delete and that was when I removed those programs out of the Sandbox, the names of the companies that supplied the EXEs were re-added as my only names in the Trusted Software Vendors list.

Forgetting the lack of manageability of this Trusted Software Vendor list, the concern here is, isn’t this a serious security exposure? Maybe that is the reason they won’t add a feature to disable this vendor list because it is so engraved into the process, and therefore cannot be removed without a total re-design. Can I assume now that any EXE that somehow has a valid company name in the hidden area that Comodo finds in an EXE to associate it with a “valid” software vendor will allow any EXE that comes along with this hidden name to execute?

Seems like a very, very big hole to me but maybe I am missing something.

something new about the issue?
meantime I changed to outpost.

No news. The upcoming v5.4 has no news when it comes to TVL.

Ran into this thread again while cleaning up bookmarks.

After seeing Limeware, Google, Adobe, Apple, AOL under so called “Trusted Vendor List” (trusted by who? Comodo or users?) I removed Comodo from no less than 75+ PCs as Defense+ was the only reason I was using and recommending/installing on all these PCs.

Now back to Zone Alarm firewall. Though I would have chose Comodo firewall if there was one without Anti-Virus, Defense+ (since Defense+ is of no use anymore) etc.