Provide a Zonealarm Cleanup Utility

I have just discovered Comodo and am so far impresed.

After having given up on the nightmare Zonealarm has become with it’s tentacle like installations similar to that of Norton and McAffee, I found Comodo.

However, for the casual user who doesn’t know about the tentacles, there are major conflicts between Comodo and the residual za registry entries and files left behind after a ZA uninstall (they claim it’s to “help” users not to be without any firewal 88)). and they have no interest in providing an cleaning utility to remove all this crap from our systems.

I’d suggest you guys provide a means by which new users can successfully clean their systems of the Zonealarm virus before installing Comodo. Otherwise it makes Comodo look like a buggy firewall due to the conflicts with the the ZA legacy code. This results in BSODs as well as inexplicable errors while running perfectly harmless software on users systems as Comodo attempts to do its job.

Just a suggestion to consider.

I must say that I strongly disagree with your idea. If ZoneAlarm mess up your computer, it’s their job to clean it up, not Comodo’s.


Welcome zinjo

I agree with Rag because let’s say Comodo does create a Za removal tool, other users might request them to do the same for other products. Never-ending cycle. Not to mention there could be legal issues involved.

I have heard that this freeware will actually remove ZA & its associated files & reg entries.

Hope this helps. (:WIN) (CLY)

After removing ZoneAlarm (and finding out all your problems with internet access, etc.), try running WinsockxpFix
( It cleaned up all my RegKey problems and allowed me a clean install of Comodo Pro 3.0.

Disclaimer: I am a novice and have no idea if this is the best fix. But, damn!, I’m on the internet instead of dead in the water!!!

u want the last free version of JV16 powertools itll find any remnanats of ANY program left in your registry

on the web I dont know where it is anymore and probably wouldn’t trust the download even IF i could still find it but i have a clean copy at my website here:

its under the windows xp /downloads section if you have Vista just use glarysofts glary utilities which is also at my site thought not as powerful…anyways if you have XP install Jv16 power tools and then after the agree page click on Registry Tool and then at the top center on Tools then on registry FINDER…

in the white box that opens type each of these on a separate line…
Zone alarm
Zone Labs

then click continue and start or w/e it will find 99% of the ZA crap left over…BEFORE you go to Select/all read the entries it found…they will give you any other names that other remants may be called…just write them down for the time being…there shouldn’t be any others than wht Iv’e listed but I use the free version…the paid ZA may have others…anyways when they all “selected” click remove in the lower right corner…poof your done!

IF it showed in the entries it DID find…other names like maybe ZAupdate or some such just re-run registry finder again but with those names in the white box.

This is a very powerful tool so take it slowly…it keeps backups so IF you get over zealous in you registry cleaning you can easily restore…even in safe mode.

This program also does a lot of other things…like easy access to the programs that “start” when your comp starts etc…it can uninstall any program it can clean up leftovers on your add/remove programs lists etc

Glary utilities does even more but it doesnt have a registry FINDER and its registry cleaner is not as powerful as JV16’s is…just go slow and you won’t have any problems…

IF you haven’t ever run a registry cleaner on your comp before…don’t be alarmed by how many problems it finds…and DO be amazed at how much faster your comp runs with a clean registry.

The first time you run a registry cleaner…I’d use the one in glary utilities…because JV16 power tools has some hidden built in function that stalls the program if the registry cleaner finds TOO many things to remove…I assume its a safety feature…Ive used these programs for years and assure you they are completely safe and just as completely powerful…everyone loves Glary utilities because its so user freindly…it also has a file wiper for those ahem…files that you don’t want your wife or husband etc to EVER find …the wiper is so thorough that even progras such as undelete can’t recover the files.

Anyways take a look at my site and use the cleaners that are under the heading that is your OS…aka windows XP or windows Vista. theres also a million other great links and programs i’ve collected over the years…all are safe sites and most are already known to many people…like Virustotal…Spybot search and destroy etc…

don’t worry JV16 or glary or even CCleaner will clean ZA right out of your system :slight_smile:

It also helps to uninstall it first and delete and shortcuts, startmenu icons and zonealarm folders in windows explorer first too.

sorry i forgot to add…zonealarm…like most firewals installs kernel hooks…so when u search the registry for the last bits of zonealarm make sure you search for vsdatant.sys and for truevector…that will remove ALL of zonealarm :slight_smile:

and of course dont forget to stop the True vector internet monitor in services…

All of you are making this to hard. If you simply go to there forums you will find your answer. Better yet follow this thread.

Alright Iam Providing The step By Step method To Manually Uninstall
Zone Alarm from Your PC

Step1: Boot The Computer In Safe Mode

Step2: Under The Folder Options Select View Hidden Files & Folders & Remove The
Check Mark From Hide Protected Operating System Files.

Step3: Locate The Folder c:\Program Files\Zone Labs And Delete It.

Step4: Locate The Folder %windir%\Internet Log And Delete It.

Step5: Locate The Folder %windir%\System32\Zone Labs And Delete It.

Step6: Locate The Following Files Given Below under %windir%\system32 & Delete

Step7: Clear The % TEMP% Directory

Step8: Clear The Prefetch Folder

Note:- Before You Start Making Any Changes To The Registry, Make Sure That You Take A Backup Of It

Step9: Open The Registry Editior

Step10: Locate & Delete The Key HKLM/SOFTWARE/ZONELABS

Step11: Locate & Delete The Key HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/VSMON

Step12: Locate & Delete The Key

Step13: Restart The Computer

Now You Have Uninstalled Zone labs Zone Alarm Manually From Your Computer.


Hi Nap,

I tried your clean up and it didn’t work, altho I completed all tasks successfully. I had ZAPro installed, then later installed ZA AntiVirus, which I didn’t care for and when I Uninstalled the ZA AV, it took down ZA Pro with it. I got out the disk and tried to reinstall ZA Pro after using your task list but still ran into the problem shutting down the ZA Pro install because it could not find VMonitor, which I had removed according to your tasks. So then I tried installing Comodo Firewall, but it refused to install saying that I first had to uninstall ZA Pro. I have searched high and low and can’t find any more za, vm and vs entries relating to ZA, but there must be some… somewhere. I am trying to find an Uninstaller that will deal with “remenants” without having been used for originally uninstalling the program… there doesn’t seem to be any… any ideas? Thanks.

The Eastest Uninstala That Works For Most Is The Included Uninstall Utility that Comes With ZoneAlarm 8.0

Now Use The New ZoneAlarm Removal Tool:
Click here >

Save To Desktop, Right Click And “Run As Administrator”

I found this post in the Zonealarm Forums.

It helped me to completely uninstall Zonealarm from any remaining files and registy entries when I switched to Comodo.
Hope it helps :slight_smile: