Provide a comment field for each entry

As we continue to use Comodo Firewall to block hack attempts, our blocked addresses list is getting gigantic, and very difficult to manage. This feature would be a huge help:

Provide a Comments field for each entry we add – We look up every hacker address to see who it is, before we add it to our blocked addresses list in CIS. But we have to separately keep a list with deails, a double job. It would be a giant help if CIS has a Comments field for each address record.

Ideally, CIS would provide a Comments field for every type of entry it accepts – addresses, zones, ports, whatever – so documentation of entries is right there, permanently associated with each entry.

I like this idea too. Also included in the pic: your idea (posted here) about being able to sort IP addresses by the address #. :-TU

My blocked zones would be sorted by either ascending or descending order, with the IP addresses (sorted by number) listed first, followed by host names (sorted alphabetically).

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I just sign in to make this suggestion, but TechManager already did. However, I use the zone as a white list and only allow access to ip in the white list. I do have a text file to keep track which ip range belongs to which comp. A comment field for each entry as TM had suggested is surely help a lot.




Posted the same request in the GUI Wishlist.