Provide a CIS Repair option in Add/Remove Programs

Current process requires uninstall and re install, a process that seems fraught with dangers and unnecessarily complicated. It would be better – and simpler for the non-technical user – if the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs item for Comodo offered a Repair option (as I have seen on other applications).

This process should automatically detect and replace damaged files without disturbing user settings, such as the Trusted Applications list. Nor should internet protection be compromised, even for a moment – except perhaps by temporarily blocking all internet traffic.

The idea is that it should be a turnkey option.

Repair is covered under>Miscellaneous>Diagnostics.

Ah, yes. Diagnostic check is discussed.
Doesn’t say what happens if something is found amiss. Does it fix it?

My report says nothing found, so no point in reinstalling .509, eh?

If errors are found, it will ask you if you want to repair them.

The diagnostic function seems to be exactly what I wanted – but was unable to find. A function that cannot be found is much the same as a function that is not provided at all. I have these recommendations to make the function easier to find.

  • Add a link to it from the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs.

  • “Diagnostics” doesn’t have the connotation needed to find the function. The following words need to be added to the help so a search may find what is needed: damage, repair, validation, installation

  • The description under Diagnostics on the first Miscellaneous panel gives insufficient clues as to what is being diagnosed. The phrase “installation validation and repair” needs to be added here.

[li]The help shows only what is displayed if no trouble is found. It should also show the dialog presented if a problem is found, and the user’s options discussed.

Good points dav4is. :-TU

But what if it is the GUI that is broken?

If the option was available in the add / remove programs interface then at least the user still has a chance of fixing the issue without re-installing.

Valid point. :-TU